Charcoal Grill

$30.00 Daily – $75.00 Weekly

  • Temperature control: a super-sized vent on top of the hinged lid opens to let heat out and closes to increase cooking temperature,
  • Flare-up control: the porcelain-enameled cooking grate allows for a more even distribution of heat while preventing unexpected flare-ups and disappointed dinner guests,
  • Charcoal control: designed to grill more with less charcoal, also eliminates the constant tending when smoking slow-and-low,
  • Ash control: a slide-in, easy-remove ash bowl keeps the ashes where they belong until it's time to empty them,
  • Stability control: stronger, more secure legs and a wider base provide more stability and ease of movement,
  • Rental does not include charcoal

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Daily $30.00, Weekly $75.00

Please call the shop to make a reservation.